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Information about Honeycomb Removal Services in the Metro Phoenix area

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Bees love to set up shop in safe, hard to get to spaces like an attic or a wall void. Getting rid of the bees is the first step, but you may also need honeycomb removal. They can leave quite a lot behind if they've been there for very long at all. It can turn into a big mess and can end up being a much bigger problem than the bees themselves.

Bees make honey for a living. It's made from the nectar that they collect and it makes up nearly all of their diet. They store the honey in honeycomb they construct out of beeswax, which is produced by glands and secreted from openings located on their lower abdomen. Since the success of the colony is dependent on honey, it's important for them to store lots of it and protect it with their very lives.

So how does the honey stay in the honeycomb? Basically, bees regulate the temperature within the colony by flapping their wings. The air flow, combined with moisture, keeps the honey and comb cool enough to stay firm. Once the bees have been eradicated, the honey will melt. The problem with that is the mess and damage that a lot of melted honey can cause inside of an attic or wall void. As it liquefies it can damage almost anything in it's path including drywall, flooring and electrical components. Melted honey can also promote other problems like ants, flies, roaches and mold.

Luckily you can trust GoldShot's AZDA Licensed Pest Pros to give you our honest opinion as to whether you do or do not need honeycomb removal. If you do need it done, we have the experience to do the job right. And if we handled the bee extermination for you, you'll get up to $50 off of the honey cleanup.

GoldShot Exterminating is family owned and operated and we've been in business since 1991. Quotes are always free. We encourage you to type GoldShot Exterminating into a Google search bar. You'll see why Goldshot is your best shot for everything pest control. Call, text, email or fill out our contact form and let us provide you and your family with a pest free environment today.

We offer bee control and honeycomb removal services throughout the Metro Phoenix area. West side cities like Avondale AZ, Buckeye AZ, El Mirage AZ, Glendale AZ, Goodyear AZ, Laveen AZ, and Litchfield Park AZ. Along with towns in the east valley like Paradise Valley AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek. It's simple: if you are dealing with a bee problem or their honeycomb, we have the right solutions and the integrity to do it right the first time.

Here's The Deal:

Bees make honey and store it in structures called honeycomb. And they are really good at it. The honey and honeycomb is critical to their survival. If it's in a wall void or attic it can create all sorts of problems once the bees have been removed or eliminated.

All bee problems don't result in enough honey to be a problem. But some do and we have the experience and integrity to give you an honest assessment.

Honeycomb removal services done right!

One of our AZDA Licensed Pest Professionals will find and remove all of the honeycomb from within any void space that we can access. This includes wall voids, attics, chimneys, under wooden shed floors, water valve boxes, outdoor grills, etc. We'll get it bagged up and in the trash, clean up the mess and apply a bio-cleaner product to kill off any bacteria.

Bees also leave behind pheromones which can draw other bees to the same location year after year, causing an on-going problem you just don't need. We've been doing it since 1991 and nobody does it better.

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Interesting Bee Fact:

Although honey makes up most of a bee colonies diet, they also have something called royal jelly available to them. It's a special secretion from worker bees that is fed to all of the larvae in the colony. It's also used to trigger the development of a new queen, including the ovaries needed to lay eggs.

Customer Rating:

"They always go the extra mile to make sure all of our critter problems are taken care of. They were referred to me and I’ve referred them several times. I wish every company I deal with we’re like GoldShot!"
Kim M, Tempe AZ

Customer Rating:

"They always go the extra mile to make sure all of our critter problems are taken care of. They were referred to me and I’ve referred them several times. I wish every company I deal with we’re like GoldShot!"
Kim M, Tempe AZ

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