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Woodpeckers Are Protected, So

Do Deterrents Work?

Do Woodpecker Deterrents Work?

So you finally make it to the weekend and you get to sleep in past the usual 5 AM alarm. But just as the sun peaks over the Phoenix Arizona horizon you're awakened by the sounds of nature: a woodpecker drumming on your house! I know you want to, but don't shoot him - it's illegal. All he's doing is looking for a meal or trying to impress the lady woodpeckers, but you're the one left with less sleep and woodpecker holes in your house.

Woodpeckers are found throughout Arizona including in cities such as Phoenix, Surprise, Sun City West, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, etc. The Northern Flicker is the most common species of woodpecker in Arizona. They can cause a lot of damage to trees, fence posts and buildings. For woodpeckers, the busy season is from March through June when they are making nests, attracting mates and claiming their territory. They eat a lot of damaging insects such as termites and carpenter bees and the woodpecker damage to your home could be an early warning signal of such problems. Your home may provide a meal, a nesting location or nesting material (they love the foam behind your stucco), or just the right stage to perform for the lady woodpeckers and let them know how awesome he is!


How Do I Get Rid Of Woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers are federally protected so you can't hurt them. The best thing to do is to install woodpecker deterrents in/on the problem areas. You always want to fill the holes that they made first. If it's a stucco surface, which is very common in the Phoenix area, the use of a paint-able caulk works well because it's easy to texture to match the stucco. A little bit of matching paint and viola! The woodpecker damage is gone.

Next you want to introduce some movement to the area to persuade your woodpecker friend to move on to your neighbors house. Flash tape is our preferred product because it's inexpensive, easy to use and works most of the time - if it's installed correctly. There are several other scare products available such as motion activated spiders and big eyed balloons which can also be effective. One thing that I have learned (the hard way) in the almost 30 years I've been doing this type of work is that you don't want to Nickle and Dime the woodpeckers. What I mean is that every time you install woodpecker deterrents incorrectly the woodpeckers become more stubborn and difficult to relocate. The proper placement of your chosen woodpecker deterrent products is critical and if you're not positive about how to do it right the first time, call a professional.

How To Choose A Professional Woodpecker Deterrent Company

There aren't a ton of companies that offer this service as a regular part of their business. If it's not something that they do regularly and they haven't been doing it for years, I recommend moving on to a company that has. Again - every time woodpecker deterrents are installed incorrectly the problem gets tougher to solve.

Once you find a company or companies that have a great track record with woodpecker deterrent work, type the name of the company into a Google search bar. These days it's hard to hide. You should get a pretty accurate idea of who they are with the search results. The woodpecker control company that you choose should be licensed and insured according to state mandates. And you should be able to read online reviews that confirms that they do great work. Woodpecker damage and deterrent services are usually not as expensive as some other pest bird control work. Generally you should be looking at around $10-15/linear foot of eave including the repairs and the deterrents. The customer should provide the matching paint for the repairs. Difficult access or major repairs could cause that cost to go up.

I hope you find this article helpful and I hope you'll consider GoldShot Exterminating's AZDA Licensed Bird Pros as your woodpecker deterrent solution. As always: Happy Hunting!
John H. Goldshot
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Customer Rating:

"Had woodpeckers pecking hole in side of house. Called GoldShot now woodpeckers are gone. Good Job"
Rudy P,
Scottsdale AZ

Customer Rating:

"Had woodpeckers pecking hole in side of house. Called GoldShot now woodpeckers are gone. Good Job"
Rudy P,
Scottsdale AZ

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