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Pulling Weeds Stinks!

Weed Service Value

Weeds. We all get them - no matter what part of the Phoenix area we live in. They can make a mess of your yard and even damage lawns and other plants seemingly over night. Between the investment we make in our landscaping and the possible HOA  fines, a weed problem can be a real costly pain in the backside. In fact some cities also may fine you for excessive weeds in your yard. It's unsightly, embarrassing and can some times lead to pest problems such as ants or flies. Some weeds can choke out a beautiful lawn in no time at all.

Because weeds are so prevalent, we all need to utilize some form of weed control just to keep up. Check out the list of weeds that can be found here in the valley:

  • Barnyard Grass
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Brassica
  • Bindweed
  • Bur Clover
  • Common Purslane
  • Devil's Claw
  • Goose Foot
  • Gound Cherry
  • Hog Potato
  • Horse Purslane
  • Horse Weed
  • Jungle Rice
  • Lambs Quarters
  • Little Mallow
  • Little Seed Canary Grass
  • London Rocket
  • Morning Glory
  • Night Shade
  • Nut Sedge
  • Pig Weed
  • Prickly Lettuce
  • Puncture Vine
  • Russian Thistle
  • Sacred Datura
  • Sandbur
  • Shepherd's Purse
  • Sickle Pod
  • Silversheath Knotwood
  • Southwestern Cup Grass
  • Soq Thistle
  • Sprangletop
  • Spurge
  • Sweet Clover
  • Velvet Leaf
  • Water Grass
  • Wild Barley
  • Wild Oat

What exactly are your weed control options? Well, there's the good 'ol fashioned weed pulling. Spending time every weekend on your knees and backside pulling weeds can be good for the soul. It can be time to reflect on what's important in your life. Like that extra large bottle of Tylenol you bought last week at the grocery store. That'll be very important to you by the time you're done. Of course, there may be other things one can do while reflecting on one's life... There are weed control sprays available at the local hardware store. And for the most part those products, such as RoundUp, will do a great job of killing weeds. As long as you put some time into your do it yourself weed control program just about every weekend. You can also call a professional to handle your weed control for you. As with everything, you'll find some very good weed control companies. And you'll find some not so good weed control companies, too.

So what makes a Weed Control Service worth the money? As far as I'm concerned there's a few things that must be included to be a good value. First, the company must hold the appropriate licensing for the work they are doing via the State of Arizona Department of Agriculture. If they don't - find someone else. Second, they should be able to give you a firm price and warranty info BEFORE you hire them. Some weed control companies do that over the phone based on the size of your property and some prefer to view the property before giving the quote. Either way is fine as long as you have all the pertinent info before you spend your hard earned money. Third the treatment should include both the pre-emergent (prevents new seeds from germinating) and post-emergent (kills existing weeds) weed control applications. And should be guaranteed for at least 6 months.

My advice is to do your homework by checking out the online reputation of any company that you may be considering first. Then ask the right questions - and make sure the answers they give satisfy the criteria above. Get a referral if you can. And give one if the company you choose does a great job.

I hope this article helps shed some light on how to get your money's worth from a weed control service. And I hope you'll consider the GoldShot Exterminating team of AZDA Licensed & Pre-Screened Weed Pros as your weed control solution. As always: Happy Hunting!

John H. Goldshot
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Customer Rating:

"Responsive and professional. John takes the time to explain the process. Thank you!"
Marilyn & Beth H,
Glendale AZ

Customer Rating:

"Responsive and professional. John takes the time to explain the process. Thank you!"
Marilyn & Beth H,
Glendale AZ

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